Book: Virtual Teams Across Cultures

Create Successful Teams Around the World

As work becomes virtual, colleagues in many industries are increasingly collaborating online and across borders. Leading dispersed, cross-cultural teams requires a more aware and reflective approach to leadership, and Virtual Teams Across Cultures provides a blueprint for success for managers of multicultural virtual teams.

This book looks at what makes multicultural virtual teams tick – why they’re different and how to unlock their true potential. Drawing on 25 years of professional experience, academic research and interviews with team leaders around the world, Theresa Sigillito Hollema provides practical frameworks for understanding the dynamics of global teams. Full of real-life examples and actionable advice, this gives leaders a game plan for making sure remote, multicultural teams thrive in today’s connected business world.

Learn how to:
•become more confident working across cultures
•create a team environment where everyone is a valued contributor, regardless of where they are
•turn a team’s cultural diversity into its greatest asset
•focus on connecting people, rather than relying on technology

This book is an inspiring and comprehensive guide for reflective leaders who want to bring out the best in distributed, culturally diverse teams.

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