Agile Retrospectives Books Bundle

Agile Retrospectives booksThe Leanpub bundle Agile Retrospectives offers four successful books on retrospectives with a significant discount. These books will  help you to do amazing and effective agile retrospectives that teams love.

Patrick Kua, Ben Williams and Tom Roden, Taina Caetano and Paulo Caroli, and Luis Gonçalves and I have all written and published books about agile retrospectives on Leanpub. We decided to collaborate to help teams all over the world to do better, more valuable retrospectives. That is why we create a bundle with four great books on agile retrospectives.

The bundle contains the following books:

Four great Leanpub books to do amazing agile retrospectives for a fabulous price. Together these books will make your agile retrospectives rock! Teams will love to do them :-).

Order our Leanpub bundle Agile Retrospectives now to get the knowledge and experience of seven great authors which will help you to improve your agile retrospectives.

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