Agile Self-assessment Game in Czech released

The Czech editions of the Agile Self-assessment Game and Expansion Packs have been released. Big thanks go to the translation team for making the game available to the Czech speaking agile community!

The game was translated to Czech by Hana Farkaš, Martina Bártů, Irena Buršová, and Eva Melicherová, with Veronika Sonter as the final corrector.

When you’re on an agile journey you will need to adjust along the way and decide which practices you want to apply, improve, or abandon. The Agile Self-assessment Game in Czech -Agilní sebehodnotící hra – helps you to do this, and more.

Hraní této hry umožňuje týmům uvažovat o jejich způsobu práce a dohodnout se na dalších krocích na jejich agilní cestě. Díky této hře mohou zjistit, do jaké míry jsou agilní, a co mohou udělat, aby zvýšily svou agilitu – aby přinesly větší hodnotu svým zákazníkům a stakeholderům.

Agilní koučové používají sebehodnocení během agilních transformací, aby týmům pomohli učit se o agilu a najít si vlastní cestu.

The basic game is a PDF download with images for 52 cards with statements and playing instructions that can be used by teams and organizations to self-assess their agility.

The card texts are based on the manifesto for agile software development and generally accepted agile principles and practices. This makes the game useful for all agile teams, whether using Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, DevOps, SAFe, LeSS or any other agile framework.

Specific agile frameworks are supported by Expansion Packs with additional cards and supporting information on the practices. Currently, expansion packs are available in Czech for Scrum, DevOps, Busines Agility, and Kanban. Go here to order the Czech game and packs.

Previously members of this team together with other people from the Czech agile community translated my Agile Retrospective book to Czech. The book Jak zvýšit přínos agilních retrospektiv is available in my webshop, on Leanpub, in iTunes, and on Smashwords (unfortunately not on Amazon Kindle as they do not support self-published Czech editions).

All Czech editions of my games and books are listed on Knihy a hry Ben Linders v češtině.


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