New playing suggestions and improved card format for the Agile Self-assessment Game

The Agile Self-assessment game has been extended with three playing suggestions and the card format has been improved to make it easier to produce playing cards from the PDF file and play the game.

Updates to the game

Version 2.3 of the game includes three new playing suggestions:

  • Agile Health Check
  • Best Agile Practice Contest
  • Sketching your Agile Journey

The cards are bigger, making it easier to read the text. They are tagged and numbered which helps to preselect cards, prepare games, and collect results from games for reporting. You can even do statistics to see what has improved over time.

The cards for the basic agile game have been moved into a separate PDF file. After printing this file it only takes 4 cuts to create the 52 playing cards with statements and 2 instruction cards.

Within weeks all expansion packs will also be updated to this new card format, making it easier for you to produce the game and start playing 🙂

How agile are you?

The Agile Self-assessment Game is a gamified approach to reflection. It’s a behavioral game that helps to initiate and reinforce positive behavioral change in organizations.

This game is also available in book format. In February 2018 I published The Agile Self-Assessment Game on Leanpub. This book contains everything you need to do agile self-assessments. Packages are available consisting of the book and the cards (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, and Business Agility).

It will remain possible to download the Agile cards and Expansion packs for Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, and Business Agility in my webshop, this format will co-exist next to the book on Leanpub. The book bundles all information about the game into a handy ebook. Both the book and the cards in my webshop include playing instructions and experiences stories which help you to create your own playing format.

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