Agile self-assessment game at XP Days Benelux 2016

xpdayslogo-web_small 2016The XP Days program committee has accepted my workshop “Agile Self-Assessment Game” for the XP Days Benelux 2016 conference. How cool is that!

Over the years I’ve done several workshops and presentations at the XP Days Benelux, it is one of my favorite agile conferences. I’m very happy to return in 2016 with my agile self-assessment game:

Becoming agile is a journey, which can be difficult to travel. Assuming that you know why you want to become agile (a first but crucial step) you start looking for ways how to get there. Questions like “what do you want to keep from your current way of working” and “what would you like to change” will come up. Then the next question is “what are ways to this”.

There isn’t a silver bullet or standard route to become agile, you have to find your own way. A fixed route description won’t help you. You need an “agile map” that inspires you with ideas and suggestions on where to go to support your journey. The Agile Self-Assessment game is here for you to travel your agile journey.

Come play the Agile Self-Assessment game in teams at XP Days Benelux 2016 to discover how agile you are and what you can do to increase your agility.

Players will receive a link to download the card game so that they can play it in their own organization (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License).

I also covered the conference from 2012 onward for, see XP Days Benelux coverage by Ben Linders.

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