Call for Agile Case Studies

I’m looking for agile case studies to be presented at the Agile 20 Reflect Festival. If you use agile practices, and you like to share how you do it and what you have learned, then please submit your agile case study.

What have we learned from applying agile?

A key element that many practitioners that are using agile practices or are involved in or considering an agile transformation seek is to learn lessons from colleagues and other companies that have already started or matured on this journey. These case studies are invaluable to understand what the initial challenges were; how the transformation was planned, launched and embedded; the learnings that took place; the benefits realized and not realized; what they would do differently now; etc.

The Agile 20 Reflect Festival is a worldwide online event bringing people together to reflect on 20 years of agile since the manifesto was published. For me, this sounds like a great opportunity to reflect and share agile case studies.

Many organizations have introduced agile practices and adapted them to their specific needs. The session Case Stories on Agile at the Agile 20 Reflect Festival aims to bring out practitioners who would like to share the agile journey that their company has traveled.

Call for Agile Case Studies

The session Case Stories on Agile provides the stage; we’re looking for people who want to share their learnings!

You can use the form below to submit information about a case story that you would like to share. The stories will be collected and curated by me. I will get back to you in case the story fits within the session to give feedback on your presentation and help you get the story out. There’s also a possibility of you and I doing a Q&A (written interview) on your Case Story on Agile.

If you are already doing a session at the Agile 20 Reflect Festival which is a case study, please contact me and share the link to the session with me.

Each presented case story consists of a short presentation and Q&A with the attendees. Depending on how many suitable stories are submitted, we’ll arrange time blocks to present them. The session for the Agile 20 Reflect Festival will take place end of February in the evening. I will be the host.

Looking forward to many great case stories!

Submit your Agile Case Study

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