Czech translation of my Agile Retrospectives book

We’re forming a team of volunteers to translate our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives to Czech. Contact Martina or me if you are interested!

I was contacted by Martina Bártů who’s interested in translating my book to Czech. Therefor we are looking for team members to form an agile volunteers translation team.

Martina reached out on Facebook to look for members:

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY for CZECH speakers only. I am searching for people to create an enthusiastic and committed agile team to translate the book written by acknowledged agile coaches Ben Linders and Luis Goncalves to Czech language (from English). The name of the book is “Getting value out of agile retrospectives” and more information can be found here:…/.

If you are interested or somebody from your surroundings then leave me a FB message with your name, email, telephone number, your motivation and questions you have 🙂 All written in Czech off course.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

There are more than 100 volunteers who have helped us or are helping us translating our book. 10 (ten!) translated editions have already been published and translation projects are ongoing for 4 more languages, Czech being one of them. We are very proud of our self-organized agile translation teams!

If you want to work with us to translate our book to Czech then please contact me.

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