Delivering quality software with Agile

Delivering quality software agile bits chips 2016My article on delivering quality software with Agile is featured in the first English edition of Bits&Chips, a news magazine for professionals who develop smart products and systems. A big thanks to the editorial staff and to Nieke Roos, editor-in-chief of Bits&Chips.

My article explores what agile teams can do to deliver quality software:

To deliver high-quality products to customers, Agile teams and product owners have to jointly ensure the quality of the requirements and manage them effectively. Agile quality practices have to be ingrained in the team’s daily work. Ben Linders describes how it can be done.

For more than sixteen year Bits&Chips is publishing a magazine in Dutch, aimed at professionals in the Netherlands and the Flemish speaking part of Belgium. According to Nieke Roos, the English edition helps to reach the foreign knowledge workers in the region and to show the world about high tech development in the Netherlands and Belgium.

This English edition of Bits&Chips also featured the Software-Centric Systems Conference which was held on May 25 at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. I’m covering this conference for, see my article on Technologies and Trends in Developing Complex Software Systems.

I’m proud to be part of this first English edition, after having several Dutch articles published in Bits&Chips.

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