Instant Agenda for Agile Retrospectives

I’m a partner of Instant Agenda, a tool that supports meetings of agile teams, including Agile Retrospectives. 

Instant Agenda is “meeting software that helps anyone run more productive meetings”. One type of the meetings supported by this tool are agile retrospectives:

Instant Agenda is more than an agile retrospective board. It helps you craft and facilitate a productive, focused retrospective that takes you from ideation to insight to action. Each team room can be used on a recurring basis – with a different approach each time.

As a partner, I will receive a commission when you sign up with Instant Agenda. Please go to Sign-up for Instant Agenda.

Instant Agenda also invited me to write a guest post which is published on their blog: Agile Retrospectives Give Power To The Team.

Instant Agenda is an Enterprise Lean Startup operating inside of the CA Technologies Accelerator.

Another retrospective tool, where I’m also a partner, is Retrium. You can find a full list of retrospective tools in the Retrospective Exercises Toolbox – Retrospective Tools.

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