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No-Estimates-Vasco-Duarte-smallThe book No Estimates – How to measure project progress without estimating by Vasco Duarte from Oikosofy has been released. Three different packages are available: Only the book, the book with additional video interviews with #NoEstimates pioneers and an “all you can eat digital edition”.

This book describes the #NoEstimates approach and explains how it can be used to track progress in projects and deliver value to customers on time:

The techniques and ideas described here will help you explore the #NoEstimates universe in a very practical and hands-on manner. You will walk through Carmen’s story. Carmen is a senior, very experienced project manager who is now confronted with a very difficult project. One would say, an impossible project.

Through the book, and with the help of Herman, Carmen discovers and slowly adopts #NoEstimates which helps her turn that project around. Just like I expect it will help with the project you are in right now.  The book also includes many concrete approaches you can use to adopt #NoEstimates, or just adopt those practices on their own.

In stead of putting effort into estimation, Vasco suggest to focus on value and work together with your stakeholders in a transparent way. I fully agree with this: it’s more important to be effective than efficient, and by focusing on value and collaboration you will be able to satisfy the needs of your customers and other stakeholders with the shortest possible delivery time.

Earlier this year I did an interview with Vasco Duarte for InfoQ: Delivering Value on Time by Using #NoEstimates.

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  1. Niels Malotaux

    I took the time to listen to Vasco’s presentation. He’s spending too much time on estimates, especially on bad estimation techniques. Then he introduces another estimation technique he calls #NoEstimates.
    I think I spend even less time on estimation in my projects, but we still call it estimation and prediction. And we deliver great results in less time, quite predictably.

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