Polish and Russian Book Bundles for Retrospectives

Agile retrospectives bundle RussianWe’ve teamed up with the Agile Retrospective Kickstarter book to help you to do better retrospectives. Retrospectives that your teams love to do, that will help them to improve and deliver value to their customers and stakeholders.

The two-book bundles of Agile Retrospectives books are available in several languages. Earlier the French bundle was announced, and now there are new book bundles available in:

As Alexey Krivitsky stated:

This is a specially good deal as these books cover different aspects on preparing and running retrospectives. They go together quite well. And is also cheaper to buy as a bundle.

So now you can’t say there is lack of information on how to run fun and beneficial retrospectives. So master this art. Your teams will really appreciate this.

agile retrospective booksAnd of course there is the famous English bundle on Agile Retrospectives, which contains six great books for a fabulous price. This is a best selling bundle on Leanpub.

There’s no excuse to do boring retrospectives that don’t deliver value. These books will help you to spice up your retrospectives. Your teams will love doing them!

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