Recommended books on Executive Influence, Upside Down Improvement, and Agendashift

Here are some recently published books that I highly recommend on Executive Influence, Upside Down Improvement, and Agendashift.

How do successful companies create software systems that people love? Why do some software projects capture full business value while others flop? Is there a pattern underlying how successful managers hook into their team’s excellence? What makes software teams engage with certain projects in a way that surprises and delights everyone?

Roland Racko answers these questions (and many more) by explaining how “management by query” – a 12-step process during the software development process – subtly encourages positive team behavior. Timing is almost everything shows you, the non-technical executive, start-up founder or manager (someone having approval control over software development), a new way to corral the software development process in a manner that enhances the business value of the product and the project

The book It’s all Upside Down provides true software development stories that may challenge long held thinking. It highlights 26 upside down principles along with upside down principle clarifying thoughts. At the end of each story you will find extended clarifying thoughts in the summary sections. I also highlight 18 coaching tips that can help you get your organization “right side up” with respect to performance.

Imagine… everyone able to work consistently at their best:

Individuals, teams, between teams, across the organisation
Right conversations, right people, best possible moment
Needs anticipated and met at just the right time
Fun to imagine, but how do you begin to bring that kind of Lean-Agile vision to life?

Agendashift has some answers, exploring new ways to scope, launch, or -energise your Lean-Agile transformation, integrating some powerful techniques from Clean Language, Cynefin, Agile, Lean Startup, A3, and Kanban.

For more books on agile and lean software development, please see my recommended books page.

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