State of Testing 2017 Report published

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The State of Testing survey investigates how the testing profession develops. Last week the State of Testing 2017 report has been published. I’m on the board of advisers for this survey and a blog collaborator, so I highly recommend reading it!

It’s a yearly survey organized by Joel Montvelisky from PractiTest and Lalit Bhamare from Tea-Time with Testers. 2017 is the 4th edition:

This year’s State of Testing survey has been the most successful yet, with roughly 1,600 responses from QA professionals worldwide (That’s 50% more responses than last year, if you like numbers). Many thanks go to our collaborators as well as to the global testing community for taking the time and thought to contribute.

I did an interview with the organizers of the State of Testing survey for InfoQ which explores how the continued adoption of agile and DevOps impacts the tester’s role, shows the latest trends and the techniques and tools that testers are using, and provides insight in the challenges testers are facing and what they are doing to solve them.


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