Tools for Agile Self-assessments

agile-self-assessments-squareIf you want to increase your agility it helps to know how agile you are. The agile and lean tool Agile Self-assessments provides 55+ checklists, tools and articles that you can use to self-assess your agility.

I’m frequently updating this list, for instance when I find and use new tools or checklist for self-assessing agility or when people submit tools to me. Recent links include submissions that I received from Scott W. Ambler about assessing agility with Disciplined Agile and tools and checklists that David Koontz sent me. A big thanks goes to them and to everybody who submits new tools and checklists for agile self-assessments.

Have you assessed your agility?

Do you use an agile checklist or tool that is not mentioned in the list? Or know a related article that helps to do agile self-assessment? Please sent me a link with a short motivation why you think it should be added to the list. Thanks!

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