Agile Self Assessments

Agile self assessmentsAgile is a journey where you learn and improve continuously. Agile Self Assessments help teams to see where they are, and to decide what the next steps will be.

If you want to become more Agile and Lean, my recommendation is to frequently ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. How Agile and Lean are you already?
  2. Where do you want to become more Agile and Lean? And why?
  3. What can you do to make a next step

Getting more value out of Agile and Lean

Workshop Agile Lean ValueIf your agile transformation is not delivering the expect results or if if you are doing agile and want to deliver more value to your customers and stakeholders, then join my workshop Getting More out of Agile and Lean. In this workshop you will experience agile practices for teams and stakeholders with advice on how to deploy them, and tips and tricks to become more agile and lean.

Tools and Checklists for agile self assessment

The following tools and checklists are know to me. They can help you to do a kind of startup check or readiness / maturity assessment to determine how agile or lean you are:

If you want to become agile in an agile way, and would like some support on applying any combination of these tools,  then see my services / diensten, and feel free to contact me!

Related articles

The articles mentioned below can help you to do agile self-assessment or to develop your own assessment:

Missing an agile self-assessment checklist or tool?

Do you use an agile checklist or tool that is not mentioned in the list? Or know a related article that helps to do agile self-assessment? Please sent me a link with a short motivation why you think it should be added to the list. Thanks!

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(last updated on September 9, 2016)

5 Responses to Agile Self Assessments

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  2. Marcel says:

    Hi Ben,
    this is an excellent resource! Thanks so much.
    I am wondering though – are all these questionnaires and tools too much inward looking? Yes, we surely need to assess a team’s agility, but I believe there are external factors, i.e. the wider organisation, which, if not supportive of Agile will not allow a project to succeed in Agile fashion. So yes, we need to know about whether a team collaborates, uses velocity and does their standups, and all that ‘correctly’ but I believe these things are relatively ‘easy’ to get control.
    What is far harder to change, in many cases it is not possible to change at all, is the attitude of a client’s organisation or other factors in the project environment.

    So I am thinking of requesting every new client to fill out a questionnaire so we can assess whether the project ‘environment’ is actually supportive to Agile or whether the most agile team would not be able to succeed in that specific context.
    What do you think, does this make sense or am I overthinking?
    I’ve put the Questionnaire here, would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

    • Ben LindersBenLinders says:

      Thanks for your comment. I agree that most questionnaires focus inward, looking at what the team is doing or could do. Taking a systems approach we also need to look at the context as you mentioned. Are the conditions there for teams to work agile? Any barriers that need to be removed? Can we have a good collaboration between the teams and their stakeholders? What can they do to increase agility?

      Your questionnaire can be helpful to explore the system and address issues that could hamper agile adoption, thanks for sharing it! I’ve also added it to the list of questionnaires.

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