Upcoming keynote at 1stConf in Melbourne

1st conference Melbourne Australia 2016On February 15 I will give a keynote at 1stConf about The Need for Continuous Improvement in Agile. I will show why continuous improvement matters in agile and what you can do to help your teams and organization to be more agile. For decades people have looked for the best way to develop software. Although we have, as a whole improved, organizations can still struggle. Agile isn’t a silver bullet, and it’s not a one size fits all approach. Continuous improvement is what makes it work, it’s at the heart of agile.

1stConf is a one day conference, aimed at people starting out with agile. The event is being run by practitioners from the Melbourne community. 2016 is the second year that this event will be held. The conference features two keynote speakers, Alistair Cockburn and myself.

I’m also giving three workshops in Melbourne in February:

Your can register yourself for the 1stConf  and sign up for the workshops on eventbrite.

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