Webinar Keeping Retrospectives Fresh Published

The recording of the webinar on keeping retrospectives fresh that I gave on March 8 has been published. You can also download the slides on keeping retrospectives fresh.

I did this webinar in collaboration with the Scrum Alliance® and Conteneo Inc:

In this Collaboration at Scale webinar, we’ll explore how you can keep retrospectives fresh, engaging, and impactful. We’ll focus especially on helping distributed teams identify the frameworks that allow them to explore different ways they can improve performance.

In this webinar Shahzad Zafar, Engineering Manager at Cerner Corporation, Laura Richardson, VP of Sales at Conteneo Inc, and I discussed what facilitators can do to ensure that teams want to keep on doing retrospectives. Hint: It has to do with varying the environment, facilitator , and exercise.

The webinar has been added to my presentations page. On this page you can find all of my public presentations (slides and/or video) and webinars.


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