Workshops in Kladno on Getting More out of Agile and Lean

AguarraI will give two workshops in Kladno (near Prague) on Getting More out of Agile and Lean. In these workshops you’ll learn practices to develop the right products for your business and customers, reduce your delivery time, increase the quality of your software, and create happy high performing teams.

Subscribe now to attend a workshop on November 2 or December 2 in Kladno, Czech Republic.

These workshops are done in collaboration with Aguarra, the competence center for agile techniques and technology innovations in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Aguarra serves as a platform for experts, who work on research and implementation of agile techniques.

The workshop on Getting More out of Agile and Lean can be combined with the workshop on Valuable Agile Retrospectives that I’m giving on on November 1 or December 1. These two days of workshops on Retrospectives and Agile and Lean practices help you to boost the performance of your teams, enabling them to deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders.

Regular price is 480 EUR / 576 EUR. Price when ordering until 01. 09. 2016 : 440 EUR / 528 EUR.

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