Writing for SearchSoftwareQuality on Agile, Quality and Continuous Improvement

news Ben LindersI started working freelance with SearchSoftwareQuality to share my experiences with Agile, Quality and Continuous Improvement. You can find a list with my publications on my TechTarget profile.

SearchSoftwareQuality is an online community which is provided by TechTarget, a leading online technology media company.

Several tips have been published on SearchSoftwareQuality:

More tips and ask the expert advice will be published soon, stay tuned.

Writing to Share my Experience

On the website benlinders.com I share my experiences with effective software development and management practices. Many of my blog post and articles have been (re)published in major magazines, online communities and on other websites (see about BenLinders.com).

Almost three years ago I started writing for InfoQ. As a freelance editor on Processes & practices I’ve published many news items, Q&As and interviews, and worked with authors helping them to share their story. Here you can find my InfoQ publications.

About SearchSoftwareQuality

SearchSoftwareQuality.com is the online community for developers, architects and executives interested in building secure and quality software. Get information on software quality management, software testing and quality assurance (QA), application threats and vulnerabilities, software maintenance and bug tracking, and how to build quality and security into the software development life cycle (SDLC). SearchSoftwareQuality.com also provides in-depth coverage on how to ensure quality using different development models and methodologies, like Agile development.

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