Measuring and Controlling Product Quality

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have more insight into the quality of a product, while it is developed, instead of afterwards? If you could measure the quality of your product, and take action when there is a risk that the quality would become lower than required by your customer? More

Establishing and maintaining stable teams

Teams are more and more becoming the core of organizations. Wether project teams, agile teams or any other form of collaboration that is chosen in a company, the setting in which people collaborate is often teamwise. But establishing teams, and keeping them stable isn’t always that easy. More

Communication: Making Quality & Process Improvement Visible

Communication is an important factor in improvement programs. Communication using visual management pictures the goals and approach. It motivates people to commit to change, by showing expected benefits and early results. But wrong or too much communication can also frustrate people, getting them to resist changing. More

Root Cause Analysis: Practical Tools

Over the years, I’ve been asked many times for a hands-on solution to do Root Cause Analysis (RCA). I have described a process and a checklist to assist organizations that want to start with it, and I´m providing a report with an example. More

CMMI V1.3: Summing up

In october 2010, version 1.3 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) has been released by the Software Engineering Institute. I’ve published several articles on the benefits of CMMI V1.3. This is (for now) the last article, which sums it all up. More

CMMI V1.3: Combining Acquisition, Development and Services

There are 3 CMMI V1.3 models released: CMMI for Acquisition (ACQ), CMMI for Services (SVC), and CMMI for Development (DEV). The CMMI V1.3 makes it easier to combine process areas from different models, thus supporting continuous improvement that delivers quicker business results. More

Process Improvement: The Agile Way!

Business needs for process improvement projects are changing. Organizations expect faster results from their process improvement investments; they want their improvement to follow changing business needs and be more engrained in the organization. More

CMMI V1.3: The CMMI Project roadmap

CMMI Roadmaps are a goal-driven approach to selecting and deploying relevant process areas from the CMMI. Their aim is to deploy the CMMI effective, and quickly get business result. Let’s see how the CMMI Roadmaps can be used with the CMMI V1.3. More

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