Getting to the Root Causes of Problems in a Retrospective: five times why exercise

When you have problems that keep coming back in your sprints, you can try the five times why technique. It helps you to get to the root causes of the problems, and to define effective actions that prevent them from happening in future sprints. This is one of the retrospective technique that will be included in the Pocket Book on Agile Retrospectives, your feedback can help us to improve it! More

Feelings Matter in Agile Retrospectives: one-word exercise

A 1 word retrospective is a technique that helps if a team is struggling with the way they collaborate, or if there are issues which are not dealt with. All team members state in 1 word how they feel about the sprint, and a discussion is facilitate. It is an effective way for the team to discuss what is hampering them, and agree on how to deal with it and get it out of the way. More

Have a Toolbox of Retrospective Techniques

Having a “toolbox” of retrospectives helps you as a retrospective facilitator to deliver value to a team. You can plan a retrospective meeting, and think about the technique that you want to use, but be open to change it on the spot when needed. More

Een “Self-Organizing Organization”, hoe werkt dat?

Hoe ziet organisatie eruit zonder hierarchie en managers, waarin iedere medewerker vrij kan beslissen wat hij/zij wel of niet doet. Een kijkje in de keuken van een Self-Organizing Organization, en de succesfactoren van self-organizing. More

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