Guest blog: How to estimate for web development projects

If you offer web development services then you are aware of the challenges faced when trying to keep a project in scope. Here’s a guest blog with lots of ideas on how to estimate a web application project by Thanh Pham, CEO of a Vietnamese software development outsourcing company. More

Retrospectives beyond the team level

Nowadays most agile teams do retrospectives which help them to deal with difficult situations and improve their way of working. But teams don’t work in isolation, they interact with other teams and with their stakeholders to deliver value. Let’s explore how retrospectives beyond the team level can be used to improve collaboration. More

Guest blog: How agile transitions impact product and project manager roles

What happens to the traditional roles when transitioning to Agile? In this guest blog post Shibabrata Mondal asks himself this question, and explores how agile transitions impact product and project manager roles and how these traditional roles are related to new roles of Scrum master and Product Owner that Scrum brings in. More

Building a Relationship with People in Remote Teams

Working with remote teams is becoming a common thing. Where there are clearly advantages to this it also has its challenges. One of them is building a relationship with people in remote teams, which is very important to make it work. Here are some ideas how you can do this. More

Going Down Under: Workshops in Melbourne, Australia

In February 2016 I will be giving three workshops in Melbourne Australia, one on continuous improvement and two on agile retrospectives. The workshop are organized by Elabor8 who invited me to come to Australia:

We are extremely excited to have Ben Linders over from Europe for a series of workshops in February. Ben is the co-author of “Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives”and is a regular keynote conference speaker (including Agile Greece Summit 2015 and QCon Beijing 2015).

I will give the following workshops:

Zelf-organiserende teams met Dienend Leiderschap

Binnen Agile en Lean software ontwikkeling speelt dienend leiderschap een belangrijke rol. Zelf-organiserende teams kennen een scrum master die als een dienend leider het team begeleidt en ondersteund. Vanuit deze achtergrond heb ik het boek Dienend Leiderschap van Henk Jan Kamsteeg gelezen. Het heeft mij enkele nieuwe inzichten gegeven en gestimuleerd om mij verder te verdiepen in het onderwerp. More

Wat brengt 2014 ons? Agile en Lean!

Een nieuw jaar is begonnen. 2013 was een jaar met mooie resultaten met Agile, verbetering, workshops, advies en de publicatie van mijn 1e boek over retrospectives. Wat gaat 2014 ons brengen? Voorspellen is lastig, vooral als het om de toekomst gaat 🙂 Daarom geen voorspellingen, we gaan het gewoon doen: Meer resultaten met Agile en Lean! More

The Way I Develop my Agile Coaching Skills

Good coaching addresses the challenges many organizations face when adopting Agile ways of working, including Scrum implementation. Let’s explore why you would need coaching and what it can accomplish, and what you can do to develop agile coaching in your organization. As an example, I will share how I have developed my coaching skills during the years. More

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