What Drives Quality: Coding

  • Post published:July 5, 2011

This is already the 4th posting on “What Drives Quality”, focusing on coding. Previous posting covered the factors that drive requirements quality and that drive architecture and design quality. Understanding what drives quality enables you to take action before problems actually occur, thus saving time and money.

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What Drives Quality?

  • Post published:June 9, 2011

Many methods for product quality improvement start by investigating the problems, and then working their way back to the point where the problem started. For instance audits and Root Cause Analysis work this way. But what if you could prevent problems from happening, by building an understanding what drives quality, thus enabling to take action before problems actually occur?

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CMMI V1.3, wat brengt het?

  • Post published:March 1, 2011

In november 2010 heeft het Software Engineering Institute (SEI) een nieuwe versie uitgebracht van het Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI): V1.3. Dit artikel geeft een overzicht van de wijzigingen, en gaat in op de waarde van deze nieuwe CMMI versie.

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