The Gift of Time

Book Cover Gift of TimeLast month I was reading the book The Gift of Time, a collection of stories from people who have used the work of  Gerald “Jerry” M. Weinberg. It gives an impression how his ideas helped them, and how it enabled them to support people, and make a difference. 

Jerry has a knack to discover what people do and how they do it, and to build a picture to show them how that is important for the people that they work with. At the same time he makes you aware of things that you can improve to deliver even more value. The first time that I met Jerry I was very impressed. He showed me my  contribution to organisations and to the people that I work with. By asking questions and providing feedback I help people to reflect on their way of working, a thing that they rarely did unless I triggered them to do it. I learned from Jerry to enhance this by developing techniques to manage reflection moments, resulting in continuous improvement, with (small but) valuable steps. A reflection moment can be a short talk at the coffee machine, a daily stand up, frequent retrospectives or an audit or root cause  analysis, depending on the situation at hand and the expected learning’s and potential benefits for the participants.

Jerry helping me to look at my way of working, and improve it to deliver more value to the people that I am working with. Thanks again Jerry!

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