Agile Journal: Agile process improvement published

Earlier I described how you improve the performance of IT organizations in an agile way. The Agile Journal has published a compact version of agile process improvement.

Scrum was used in process improvement projects, as main method to deploy improvements continuously. We used a backlog of Process Improvement items, with 3 week iterations to develop and deploy them. At the end of every iteration, a demo was given to the product owner and the steering group. Every iteration was concluded with a retrospective, to continuously improve ourselves. With the short iteration cycle, we managed to stepwise improve the way of working in the R&D centers, and to realize quick returns on the process improvement investments.

Read the full article in the Agile Journal: Agile Process Improvement.

Updated: The AgileJournal has been replaced by AgileConnection, who is doing cleanup work to restore content and URLs. The paper on Agile Process Improvement is not yet on-line, but you can download it here.

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