Book: Commitment

Novel about Managing Project Risk

Book Cover: Book: Commitment

This graphic business novel brings the Real Options model in a unique and understandable format, by explaining theories in a way only Sequential Art can.

Via Rose Randall, the main character of this unique graphic business novel, the reader is introduced to the challenges a project manager faces. Rose Randall is the archetypical reluctant project manager. Following a painful project failure years ago, Rose's life is cast into chaos when she is once again thrown into the role against her wishes. Faced with a struggling project, help comes from an unexpected source guiding Rose in the direction of Real Options.

When you have read Commitment, you:

understand what the Real Options model is;
can apply the Real Options model to manage project risks successfully;
understand why much of your life involves options that you currently are treating as commitments;
see the world through a different filter opening up many new possibilities;
understand the difference between Commitments and Options.

Because the book will:

provide specific examples of how a project can manage its risks using the Real Options model;
outline a simple technique for making decisions;
make you aware of all the decisions you make every day;
build your confidence in your ability to decide when to commit and when to leave options open.

In short, this book is indispensable for new and experienced project managers plus anyone else who is interested in knowing more about managing large projects.

Published: January 31, 2016

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