Book: Empathy at Work

Empathy is an essential tool for building solid relationships, connecting with those you disagree with, and creating an environment where everyone feels valued. Empathy is also incredibly difficult to quantify. How do you show empathy? Which actions promote empathy, and which destroy it? This practical ebook details how companies can create systems and services around empathy to help managers and their employees have a better experience at work.

Author Sharon Steed examines the most impactful empathy actions and shows you how to facilitate conversations around incorporating these practices among your teams. You’ll explore different types of empathy and learn how to apply empathetic communication. Along the way, you’ll discover new tools to help you be a better empath in difficult situations.

This ebook explores:

  • Three types of empathy that play an important role in how you interact with others
  • Key characteristics of empathetic communication: active listening and intentional speaking
  • Why nonverbal communication outweighs verbal communication
  • The behaviors of collaborative teams that value empathy
  • How to overcome barriers at work that make empathy difficult
  • Three steps to help you put empathy into operation

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