Book: Fluid

How Culture, Hidden Opportunities, and Flatter Structures Lead to Profitable Innovation

In ten years, half of the S&P 500 companies will be extinct. Forget the old rules of competition. There are new hidden competitors that come from nowhere to take over your market. They can be external or within your company. This book explores the past, present, and future of innovation. Discover how the Mongol Dynasty innovated to create one of the largest empires in the world to how to take the best elements of startups today to thrive and win the future. Fluid will help you lead your business through the opportunities and dangers of a dynamic economy.


- How to create a culture of innovation within your company, whether it has twelve or 1,292 employees (pg 104)
- How to get a profitable return on innovation and know when to kill a project when investing $19.5 million (pg 241)
- How to identify hidden competitors outside and within your company and how to become one (pg 32)
- How a toy company was able to align innovation with strategy to generate $5.2 billion (pg 198)
- How to overcome resistance to change and get buy-in from leaders to create a new business unit in a large enterprise (pg 120)
- How to change when you have no time by leveraging the ecosystem inside and outside your organization to grow (pg 226)
- How a company creates rewards and supports the ideas of the organization by celebrating failures(pg 149)
- How using latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to grow your organization securely (pg 246)

Published: March 13, 2018

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