Book: Make Them Grow: Give Feedback People Apply

Remember the time, when you were a kid, how you felt playing and building a construction out of Lego bricks? Your parents looked at you and said really nice work. You wanted to impress them even more, so you started to build something better to get their appreciation again. This led you to superior results in bricks building. Or perhaps it was painting in your case, or cooking, or another activity at which you were immersed as a child. Every time somebody paid attention to what you did and gave you feedback, you wanted to do it better. This mechanism works exactly the same in adult life when we carry out our activities. Quick feedback is essential for people to grow, excel, and in the end, to surprise others with outstanding results.

Learn in minutes how to give an effective feedback to people around you and use this knowledge for a lifetime as a leader, a friend or a parent.

Reviews:Ben Linders wrote:

Feedback is a great technique for people to improve, yet many find it difficult to give or receive feedback. The book Make Them Grow by Michal Nowostawski provides practical techniques and exercises that you can use to develop your feedback skills.

In the book he explains how positive feedback encourages people and how feedback help people to learn from mistakes. He dives into feedback traps and explains how you can avoid them.

If you are looking for ways to improve and want to get more out of your feedback, this book has lots of ideas to do just that.

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