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Agile Management Congress 2019

November 25, 2019

I’m returning to the Agile Management Congress in Prague on Nov 25 to do a mini-workshop on Dealing with Impediments and a full-day workshop Improving Organizational Agility on Nov 26.

Agile Management Congress

Agile Management Congress (AMC) is a forum and learning platform on agile management for knowledge-based organizations.

We have a mission to address management innovators – game changers and innovative leaders from companies, consultancies and academia, who are trying to build humancentric and alternative organizational arrangements to opposing vertical corporate bureaucracies, to share their practical transformational experience and learn from each other. Working in a small groups, through series of practical mini workshops, case studies, moderated discussions and group work with peers they may gain better inside into how agility can help them transform their business or daily routine. It is place of learning from gurus, sharing knowledge with peers, gain new inspiration and ideas with active engagement of the participants! This is not a place to sit, listen and get entertained. Along the day we will encourage intensive networking in a safe environment we provide.

To ensure intensive group learning, only 40 seats is available. We will encourage delegates from different industries and different cultural context through different geographical origins and limit numbers of tickets for a single organization or region. Diversity matter.


Implementing Agile into organization begins with the change of mindset, company culture and with the definition of success for operations differently. The difference, however, conflict with general perceptions of the industry in today’s world, how an organization should be managed and how management should behave. What are the experiences of those who crossed the abyss?

We plan to cover topics like:

  • building an agile culture, dealing with (internal) issues,
  • dealing with stakeholders – employees, customers, investors
  • people engagement and workplace design,
  • role of management in an agile organization,
  • recruitment for agility, growth of human capital selecting vs. growing people,
  • cross-industry experience and inspirational managerial techniques,
  • remuneration for the agile era,
  • alternative financial instruments for “control” and forecasting,
  • HR aspects of agility, selecting vs. growing people, strategies,
  • and more.
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