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Aginext 2021

March 17, 2021 - March 19, 2021

At Aginext 2021 I’m doing a session together with Fabio Armani where we explore psychological safety and culture in teams. Join us March 17-19, online, Aginext 2021.

How Safe is your Team?

Psychological safety in teams matters, it crucial to enable productive communication and collaboration. It’s also essential if you aim for long-lasting teams as things will happen and relationships can get hurt; team members need to be aware of what’s happening in the team and feel safe enough to deal with them. But, how safe is your team? How can we find out if there are things that are making the team unsafe, that are impacting the team culture?

In this mini-workshop, we’ll play games in small groups using a deck of coaching cards for psychological safety and team culture. You’ll learn how you can get a deeper insight into what’s happening in teams using gamification. In a safe setting, you can share what you have experienced working in teams, how that impacted the team’s safety and culture, and what made it turn around … or worse.

Come play a game with psychological safety and team culture cards.


Aginext is the only Post-Agile conference for advanced agilists and DevOps practitioners, across roles, departments or divisions. And especially across geography and bandwidth. Aginext Live! is an online networking event built around interactive talks, workshops, panels, games and activities. Because none of us miss one-sided webinars — from our own teams to family and friends to our agile communities, we miss connecting.

After running 18 events including the last two online — plus hundreds of meetups — we’ve experimented, reflected and rebuilt our online agile event to focus on creating one-to-one experiences. T

In its fifth year, Aginext brings together the most forward-thinking agile minds to help you help your team move ahead with clarity, purpose, resilience and speed.

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