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Workshop Increasing your Agility at Agile by Example 2017

October 9, 2017


Agile by Example

AgileByExample has been organised since 2011. It all started with 125 agilists in a small Warsaw music club. Since then, each year ABE was growing.

The key trademark of ABE is the “by example” theme—the conference provides case studies and experience reports of real world struggles with adopting agile methods and techniques. Beside that ABE is known for the audio/video quality (organized in cinema rooms with huge screens and superb sound systems) and top-notch organization.

Contact me for a discount to attend Agile by Example!

Workshop Increasing your Agility

I’m doing a 1/2 day Dojo – seats are limited.

There isn’t a standard route to become agile, you have to find your own way. Methods and frameworks don’t tell you how to increase your agility.
The Agile Self-Assessment Game is an “agile map”. You will play the game to find out how agile you are and get inspired with ideas and suggestions on where to go next on your agile journey.
The Backpacking Retrospective Exercise can be used to visualize your path to agility and decide what you will take along on their journey. Doing this exercise helps you to decide upon the vital few actions that are needed now to prepare and continue your agile journey.
Come play the Agile Self-Assessment Game and the Backpacking Retrospective Exercise in teams to discover how agile you are and what you need to pack to increase your agility.
Players will receive a link to download the card game and retrospective exercise so that they can play them in their own organization (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License).




Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna
Zielna 37B
Warsaw, 00-108 Poland
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