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The book Tips from the Trenches – Scrummaster is a co-created book full of tips for people helping agile teams. It includes my Scrum master tip: Helping team members to solve impediments over solving impediments themselves.

This book is edited by Yves Hanoulle. Using his extensive network he’s collecting real-life experiences with agile from people who are out there helping teams like me.

The aim of the book is to give back to the community and share experiences. When he invited me to contribute (thank you Yves!), my answer was a big YES!

The book will collect wisdom of 50+ people around the world that have worked with all kind of teams. My contribution is about how Scrum masters can balance between doing things themselves and helping others:

Who should be handling and solving impediments? Should it be the Scrum master? The team as a whole! Their agile coach?

My tip: Prevent that the Scrum master becomes overloaded with solving impediments, involve team members when looking for solutions. Scrum masters should coach teams in finding ways to work together, and using the individual strengths of the team members when solving impediments. In this way teams can really be effective and do magic.

You can read the full tip in the book (and I’ll also share it in a future post on my blog).

The first version, containing 10 tips, has been published. As I contributed a tip, I can offer the book to you with a discount:

Get your copy of Tips from the Trenches – Scrummaster for the special price of $4.99!

As any Leanpub book, if you buy a copy you will automatically get all updates 🙂

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  1. Yves Hanoulle

    Hi Ben,
    And to prove the point of Leanpub, tonight I have already published an update, so now 11 tips are in the book.

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