Chapter on Agile added to What Drives Quality

What Drive Quality coverA new chapter which explores how agile software development can be deployed to deliver high quality software has been added to my second book What Drives Quality.

This book provides insight into the factors that drive the quality software products and services. Understanding what drives quality enables you to take action before problems actually occur, thus saving time and money.

The new chapter consists of 4 sections:

  • In quality practices I describe how agile practices like planning games,daily stands-ups and retrospectives, and technical practices like pair programming or Test Driven Design support the delivery of quality software.
  • What if we fail explores what happens when there’s a quality problem with our software when there’s a culture where people don’t dare to mention it, being afraid to get punished if their manager finds out that their software isn’t working properly.
  • In how agile team working helps to deliver high quality software I show how team working enables agile teams by making them decide how to do their work, and by continuously learning and improving their way of working.
  • Agile supports empowering teams to increase quality, which is a more effective and quicker solution than adding people when there are quality problems. Empowered teams have what it takes to increase the quality of products.

The book What Drives Quality is available for a reduced price on Leanpub as long as it’s under development. If you buy the book now you will automatically get all chapters that are added in the future for free. So don’t wait too long, get your copy now!

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