Guest Blog: Cognition … what’s it all about?

In this guest blog post on Andrew Mawson from Advanced Workplace Associates talks about their ongoing research on cognition. The aim of that research is to provide guidelines that help knowledge workers do the right things to maximise their cognitive performance. More

Verbeter Testen met Agile Retrospectives

Agile teams gebruiken retrospectives om continu te verbeteren. Verbeteracties richten zich vaak op de manier waarop het team samenwerkt om de productiviteit te verbeteren. Uit een retrospective kunnen ook acties komen om de kwaliteit van het product te verbeteren. Bijvoorbeeld door verbetering van de manier waarop er getest wordt. More

Agile Retrospectives: Hoe vaak doe je ze?

Agile teams gebruiken retrospectives om hun manier van werken te reflecteren en te verbeteren. Veel Scrum teams sluiten iedere iteratie af met een retrospective. Teams die Kanban gebruiken doen veelal wekelijks een retrospective of doen zo vaak als nodig is een mini-retrospective om van een probleem te leren en in kleine stapjes te verbeteren. Hoe vaak doen jouw teams agile retrospectives? More

Should you measure defects?

Regularly I get questions if you can measure defects and if you should measure them. The short answer is: You can measure them, and it can have value to do so, but only if you take action. Quality matters, and defects can provide you with valuable information about the quality of your product, but measuring alone doesn’t improve quality. You need to dive deeper to have a good understanding and then act upon that. More

Workshop Increasing Organizational Agility with Retrospectives in Sydney, Australia

In this workshop you will learn how to scale agile retrospectives, doing them with multiple teams from a project, product or organization, practice facilitation skills with different retrospective exercises, and learn how you can introduce and improve retrospectives. You will also learn to do agile self-assessments and readiness checks and to design and facilitate retrospectives that help organizations to increase their agility. More

Increasing Software Quality with Visual Management

One of the principles from agile and lean software development is transparency. Making things visible helps teams to decide what to do and to collaborate effectively with their stakeholders. It can also help to increase the quality of software. This post provides ideas how you can do that. More

What if we fail?

People are often afraid to make mistakes. They do things to prevent that something might go wrong and avoid doing things that might fail. And if it does go wrong then they don’t talk about it. Is it really bad if once in a while something goes wrong? If something can go wrong, let arrange for it to happen as soon as possible, because then you can quickly learn from it. Create a culture where failure is allowed so that we can all learn from it and find ways to make fewer mistakes! More

Empower Teams to Increase Quality

When an organization is experiencing quality problems with their products, agile software development often isn’t the first solution that comes up in people’s minds. Often I see people trying to address them using classical waterfall based approaches, only to find out that it will make problems even worse. I recommend agile, not only to deliver working software faster but also with the right quality. This posts shows how empowering the team helps to increase the quality of product. More

Success Factors for Root Cause Analysis in Software Development

Root Cause Analysis can be used in software development to build a shared understanding of a problem to determine the first or “root” causes. Knowing these causes helps to identify effective improvement actions to prevent similar problems in the future. You can also do Root Cause Analysis in agile to stop problems that have been bugging your team for too long. More

Agile Veranderen door sterktes te gebruiken

De trend die ik in 2013 heb gezien van kleinere en snellere verbeteringen in organisaties zal zich doorzetten in 2014. Een Agile manier van veranderen, mbv Scrum, maakt het mogelijk om samen te verbeteren: medewerkers en managers. Het stimuleert zelf-organisatie en benut de kracht van de medewerkers om organisatiedoelen te bereiken. We gaan het gewoon doen in 2014: Sterktes gebruiken om op een Agile manier te veranderen! More

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