Dojo and talk at Agile by Example 2017

I’m giving a dojo (1/2 day workshop) and talk at Agile by Example. The conference will be held in Warsaw on October 9 to 11. Tickets are on sale –limited seats are available for my workshop.

The Dojo will be held at Centrum Zielna in the heart of Warsaw. ABE17 will be held in Multikino Złote Tarasy, one of the largest cinemas in Warsaw. There will be plenty of space for breaks, networking and collaboration.

Workshop Increasing your Agility at Agile by Example 2017

October 9, 2017 at Warsaw

Come play the Agile Self-Assessment Game and the Backpacking Retrospective Exercise in teams at Agile by Example 2017 to discover how agile you are and what you need to pack to increase your agility. More information

Making Team Working Work at Agile by Example 2017

October 10, 2017 at Warsaw

This talk at Agile by Example 2017 will show how you can self-assess how your team is performing and provide you with ideas to improve collaboration and teamwork to increase the agility of your team. More information

Agile by Example

AgileByExample has been organised since 2011. It all started with 125 agilists in a small Warsaw music club. Since then, each year ABE was growing.

The key trademark of ABE is the “by example” theme—the conference provides case studies and experience reports of real world struggles with adopting agile methods and techniques.

Upcoming talks and workshops

Autumn 2017 I will be giving workshops and talks in Athens, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Warsaw, London, Sarajevo, Istanbul and Paris (more to be announced). Here’s the full list of events.

In need of advice, consultancy, training or workshop? Want to have me talk at your event? Contact me!

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