Feedback on the book The Agile Self-assessment Game

I’m updating my book The Agile Self-assessment Game and I appreciate any feedback that you have.

February 2018 I published the first version of The Agile Self-Assessment Game on Leanpub. This book contains everything you need to do agile self-assessments and play the Agile Self-assessment Game. It comes with playing cards for agile and support for methods like Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, and Business Agility.

I’m updating the book, adding new playing suggestions and extending the chapter on agile self-assessment practices. And I love to hear from you :-).

If you have read the book or played the Agile Self-assessment Game then please fill in the survey below. If you haven’t read the book and would like to receive a review copy, then contact me!

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    If you have played the game, can you describe how you used it and what benefits you got out of it?

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