Greek book on retrospectives released: Αποκομίζοντας αξία από τα Agile Retrospectives

The full version of the Greek edition of my Agile Retrospectives book Αποκομίζοντας αξία από τα Agile Retrospectives has been released on Leanpub and in my webshop. With this release, there are now 11 translated editions published of my successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives.

Get your copy

You can read a sample of the book on Leanpub with this link:
Please feel free to use this link to get your personal copy, and to share this link in your networks!

Με πολλές ασκήσεις για την προσωπική σας εργαλειοθήκη με retrospectives, το βιβλίο Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives θα σας βοηθήσει να εξειδικευτείτε στο να κάνετε retrospectives και να αποκομίζετε το μέγιστο δυνατό από αυτές.

Πρόλογος από την Esther Derby, συν-συγγραφέα του Agile Retrospectives, Βαγγέλη Αντωνιάδη και Γιάννη Μαυραγάνη.

With this release of the Greek edition the Valuable Agile Retrospective book is now available in 12 languages. The books are available in my webshop, on Leanpub, and Amazon.

People who bought the book for a reduced price when it was under development have already received the full version for free!

Translated by volunteers

The book is translated by an agile team of volunteers. Big thanks to:

  • Iasonas Antonopoulos
  • Myrto Kamenopoulou
  • Dimitris Dimitrelos
  • George Petoussis
  • Alexis Grizos
  • Byron Georgantopoulos

Give away for Agile Communities

I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with communities by attending and speaking at their events, doing mini-workshops, and giving away books to participants of meetups. One of the things I do is to give away free ebook copies and discount vouchers, see for example what I did for the Cyprus Agile and Innovation community.

If you are starting a new community or running an exiting one, and want to give your members a free ebook, contact me.

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