Need help with Agile Retrospectives?

RetrospectiveQuestionDo you have a question about doing agile retrospectives? Need some help on how to do them? I’m there to answer your questions. All you have to do is ask 🙂

My mission is to help teams all around the world to increase the value of their agile retrospectives. There’s the book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, the Retrospective Exercises Toolbox, workshops for Valuable Agile Retrospectives in Teams and for Increasing your Agility with Retrospectives and there are lots of blog posts on retrospectives. All these things help you to make your retrospectives valuable. But wait, there’s more …

If you want specific advice, ideas, tips, anything on agile retrospectives then you can Ask Your Agile Retrospective Question on line. Just sent me your question together with your name and email address and you’ll get a personal answer by email.

You can ask any question. Some examples are:

  • Which kind of exercise to use
  • How to facilitate the retrospective
  • Ways to deal with specific situations
  • How to create safety in retrospectives
  • Ideas to increase happiness and fun
  • Etc

Basically any question is valid. Just ask!

People ask great questions, and I love to answer them. Sometimes a question and answer session turn out to be something that more people can benefit from. That is where I can decide to write a blog post about them. I will never do this without explicit permission from the person asking the question, and if course I will respect their privacy.

So if you need inspiration or ideas for your next retrospective, or want to retrospect your retrospective, go ahead and Ask Your Agile Retrospective Question.

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