Podcast on Establishing Effective Agile Teams

My article Establishing Effective Agile Teams has been turned into a podcast by Bill Echlin for the Agile Software Development podcast series.

Effective agile teams consist of people working intensively together to deliver value. The journey for agile teams to flourish and become effective can be challenging. This podcast explores what teams can do to become effective agile teams.

Establishing Effective Agile Teams

Over the years I’ve worked in and with many teams. I’ve seen things that make the difference between a group of people, a team, or a real effective agile team. This article which has now been recorded into a podcast explores how effective agile teams look.

The aim of my article series on agile teams is to increase awareness of agile team working and help you to get better at working together in and with agile teams.

Establishing Effective Agile Teams is the fourth article in the series on agile teams. The first article What are agile teams? explored how agile teams look and what makes them differ from a group or any other format in which people work together. The second article Working together in agile teams dived into what people say when they don’t want to work in a team and how you can start working together effectively. In the third article Why People Want to Work in Agile Teams I explored why you want to work in a team, what’s in it for you?

A big thank you to Bill Echlin to record the Podcast on Establishing Effective Agile Teams.

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