Agile Coaching Tools for Virtual Teams

  • Post published:September 25, 2020

I'm updating my Agile Coaching Tools to support using them in virtual teams by adding images of coaching cards and playing elements. You can download all Agile Coaching Tools for a nominal fee in my webshop.

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Agile Business Day 2020

  • Post published:September 10, 2020

I will be speaking at Agile Business Day 2020 about leading agile teams. This year, Agile Business Day is an online event on September 11-12.

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Hoe agile zijn we?

  • Post published:June 26, 2020

Om maar met de deur in huis te vallen, agile is niet iets wat je bent of niet bent. Het is een continuüm. Ieder team, organisatie, is agile. De vraag is hoe agile je bent en waar meer agility tot betere resultaten kan leiden.

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QCon London 2020

  • Post published:March 1, 2020

I’m attending QCon London as an InfoQ editor. It’s a conference for senior software engineers and architects, with patterns, practices, and use cases, from the world’s most innovative software companies.

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Dos and don’ts of agile management

  • Post published:February 21, 2020

Managers can support agile teams by managing them in an agile way. Let's explore the dos and don'ts of agile management and learn how we can lead for self-organization.

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Stretch Conference 2020

  • Post published:February 12, 2020

I'm doing a workshop (TBA) and talk about leading for self-organization at Stretch, the leadership and management conference in Budapest from February 12-14.

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State of Testing Survey 2020 now open

  • Post published:January 16, 2020

The 2020 State of Testing survey aims to shed light on the current status of testing, and analyze the trends and challenges of the profession.

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