Cards on Psychological Safety and Team Morale released

  • Post published:May 13, 2021

A new deck of coaching cards has been released in April 2021 on psychological safety, providing a profound and extensive set of phrases that cover many aspects of psychological safety from an individual, team, and organizational perspective. These cards can be downloaded from my webshop.

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March Agile Training Week

  • Post published:March 19, 2021

I'm giving three online interactive workshops on developing products in remote teams, problem-solving, and increasing agility, in the last week of March. You can sign up for any combination of these workshops. Contact me via email to buy a combi-ticket for 2 or 3 workshops with 25% or 40% discount!

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Trust by Default

  • Post published:November 25, 2020

In this article, I will show how trust by default works for me and what benefits trusting people from the start has brought me. It's my piece of thought leadership on trust, and my way of doing penance for my agile sins from the past.

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