Russian and Belarusian translations of the Prime Directive

news Ben LindersThe Belarusian and Russian translations have been added to the blog post Retrospective Prime Directive in many languages. This post now contains 11 translations of this important statement that is used in Agile Retrospectives all over the world.

Norman Kerth came up with the prime directive for retrospectives to help teams to establish safety in the retrospective meeting. The provided translations make it possible for teams to do just that, in their local language.

Konstantin Razumovsky, Professional Scrum Trainer at, provided the Belarusian translation. Thanks Konstantin!

The Russian translation is taken from the book Извлекаем пользу из Agile-ретроспектив, which is the Russian edition of our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives. The translation of this book is almost finished, the complete version will be released soon. If you buy the book now (at a reduced price 🙂 ) you will automatically get the full version once it is published.

A big thanks to all the teams of volunteers that have translated our book into many languages, you rock!

Please share this news to help teams doing safe and valuable agile retrospectives all around the world!


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