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xpdayslogo-web_small 2016I have submitted several talks and workshops to the XP Days Benelux 2016 conference. This conference, which will be held November 24 – 25 in Heeze, the Netherlands, is looking for presenters that want to facilitate highly interactive sessions where everyone participates and learns from each other.

I’ve submitted two sessions to the XP Days 2016 conference:

Everything you always wanted to know about … Agile Retrospectives!

Are your teams doing retrospectives? Do they like them? Are they valuable? These are the questions that I’m asking all around the world when I give presentations or workshops on retrospectives. Often hands start to go down on the 2nd question, and even more on the 3rd one. Teams try to do them, but many don’t like them and they don’t see the value.

Come to this session if you want to be inspired on how to spice up your retrospectives and keep them valuable for your teams.

Agile Self-Assessment Game

Agile is a journey, not a destination. Sure, but how to travel the journey, and where to go next?

There isn’t a silver bullet or standard route to become agile, you have to find your own way. A route description won’t help you. You need an “agile map” that inspires you with ideas and suggestions on where to go to support your journey. The Agile Self-Assessment game is here for you.

Come play the Agile Self-Assessment game in teams to discover how agile you are and what you can do to increase your agility.

XP Days Benelux is one of my favorite conferences. There’s an outstanding program year after year. The atmosphere is great, attendants are eager to share their experiences and learn from each other. Attendance is limited to 150 people which makes it easy to network with people, even for introverts.

I’ve done several talks and workshops at the XP Days Benelux over the years:

I also covered the conference from 2012 onward for, see XP Days Benelux coverage by Ben Linders.

Submission review at XP Days Benelux is fully transparent. Members of the program committee and those who have submitted can review submissions. They use the perfection game as a positive way to give feedback. Submitters are encouraged to review each other work, and they actually do: I’ve received valuable feedback from several submitters already and I gave feedback to talks submitted by others. The feedback helps me to improve my submissions and make them “perfect” before the selection process starts. To my knowledge the XP Days Benelux is the only conference who has this, and I like it!

The call for sessions closes on June 17 at midnight. Sessions that have been submitted before that date can be updated until August 5. Don’t miss the deadline, submit a session at XP Days Benelux today.

And after you’ve submitted, feel free to give feedback on my sessions :-).

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