Swedish, Sesotho, and Afrikaans translations of the Prime Directive

The Swedish, Sesotho, and Afrikaans translations of the Prime Directive have been added to the article Retrospective Prime Directive in many languages. This popular article now contains 20 translations of this important statement that is used in Agile Retrospectives all over the world.

A big thank you to Jonas for the Swedish translation, and to Paulesa for the Sesotho and Afrikaans translation of the prime directive.

Prime Directive in Swedish

Here’s how the prime directive sounds in Swedish, thank you Jonas:

Oavsett vad vi upptäcker, förstår och tror vi att alla verkligen gjorde det bästa jobb de kunde, med tanke på vad de visste då, deras färdigheter och förmågor, tillgängliga resurser och den aktuella situationen.

Prime Directive in Sesotho

Thanks to Paulesa for providing the Sesotho translation:

Ho sa kgatheletsehe hore re fumana eng, re a tshepa mme re dumela hore motho emong le emong o entse mosebetsi o makgethe ka mokgwa oo ba ka kgonang, re shebile seo ba se tsebang ka nako eo, thupello le bokgoni ba bona, mehlodi eo ba kgonang ho e fumana, le se etsahalang ka eo nako.

Prime Directive in Afrikaans

And another thanks to Paulesa for the wonderful Afrikaans translation:

Dit maak nie saak wat ons ontdek nie, ons verstaan en glo heeltemal dat almal die beste werk gedoen het wat hulle kon, gegee wat hulle geweet het op die tyd, die vaardighede en moontlikhede, hulpbronne beskikbaar, en die omstandighede van die dag.

I can actually read and understand this one too, being Dutch.

Retrospective Smells

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