Tips to make retrospectives successful

Retrium_eBook_coverRetrium published the ebook Become a Retrospective Rockstar in which 21 experts (including me) share tips on how to make retrospectives successful. The book was announced on their website:

“Retrospectives are hard to get right. That’s why we asked 21 agile experts: what’s the #1 thing you do to make your retrospectives successful? And what we heard blew us away.”

My tip is this book is about Getting Things Done with Retrospectives. It describes the Vital Few Actions exercise which helps to make you retrospective more actionable and thus valuable.

The Retrium tool provides a toolbox for online retrospectives with different exercises that agile teams can use to do retrospectives, such as 4Ls, Mad Sad Glad, and Start Stop Continue. I’m an affiliate of Retrium. When you take a subscription on Retrium, the first 3 retrospectives are for free.


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