Upcoming Agile Workshops in Eastern Europe

In April and May I’m giving several workshops on Agile in Eastern Europe. Tickets are on sale for these workshops, don’t wait too long!

Workshop Ben Linders retrospectives Agilia 2016In connection with the Agilia conference and Aguerra I’m giving the workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives in Olomouc, Czech Republic, on April 4. In this workshop you will learn to design and facilitate agile retrospectives that help organizations to become more agile and lean.

Workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives at AgileEE Kiev April 11 2016Next I’m collaborating with the Agile Eastern Europe conference and Scrumguides in giving two workshops in Kiev: Valuable Agile Retrospectives for Teams on April 11 and Increasing Organizational Agility with Retrospectives on April 12. Workshop Increasing Organizational Agility with Retrospectives at AgileEE Kiev April 12 2016Where the first workshop aims to help agile teams to find ways to learn and improve continuously, the second workshop supports to scale this capability to projects and to the whole organization to increase agility. There’s a discount if you attend both workshops.

Effective Agile Retrospectives - Istanbul Turkey - Ben LindersOn May 26 I’m doing another successful Workshop on Effective Agile Retrospectives in Istanbul, Turkey. This is the seconds time that I’m doing this workshop in Istanbul, again in collaboration with the Agile Mentor Academy.

So for people living in Eastern Europe (or those who can travel there): This is your chance to attend one of my successful workshops to learn how to make your agile retrospectives more valuable!

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