What Drives Quality: Want your Feedback!

My second book What Drives Quality has been released about six months ago. I’d like to receive your feedback to update it and publish the second edition.

In my book What Drives Quality, I take a Deep Dive into Software Quality with Practical Solutions for Delivering High-Quality Products. It’s intended for software developers and testers, architects, product owners and managers, agile coaches, Scrum masters, project managers, and operational and senior managers.

Have you read What Drives Quality? Please send your feedback by email: [email protected].

I’m open to all feedback. Specifically interested in:

  • What do you like about the book?
  • Which quality practices from the do you use? How do they help you to deliver high-quality products?
  • What is missing in the book, or could be improved?
  • How likely would you recommend this book to a friend or colleague?
  • I also welcome spelling errors and improvement suggestions.

There’s no hard deadline, but I you could send it Friday, March 23 latest that would be great!

If you like to receive a review copy, contact me!

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