What are your favorite Agile Retrospectives books?

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Many useful books have been published on how to do Agile Retrospectives. What are your favorite books? Join the online poll on favorite Agile Retrospectives books!

Favorite Agile Retrospectives books – Online poll

Select the books that are your favorites from the list below. You can pick as many books as you like.

If one of your favorite books is not on the list, then feel free to add it using “add your answer” at the end of the poll.

What are your favorite books on Agile Retrospectives?

Cast your vote to see the results of this poll!

If your favorite book isn't listed, please add the title and author at "add your answer".

The poll will remain open as long as people are voting (which may be forever). You can also find the poll on the Recommended Books page.

Effective Agile Retrospectives

The Retrospective Exercises Toolbox provides a collection of exercises that you can use to do valuable agile retrospectives, with additional information about books and workshops on agile retrospectives.


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