Book: Quick Glance At: Agile Anti-Patterns

When companies introduce agile methodologies - like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ... - they often face problems. In this book, you will learn... How to spot and recognize problems and anti-patterns in your team / organization. How those anti-patterns usually start and which root-causes they have. Vocabulary, so you can discuss the anti-patterns with your colleagues and managers. Possible solutions and ideas to improve your situation. You will learn about 9 anti-patterns agile companies often face, how they often start, their root causes and ideas for solving them: Agile Theater - When companies pretend to be "agile", but most things still work like in a traditional company. Feature Factory - When "Agile" is only seen as a way to increase efficiency. Product Backlog Bankruptcy - When your backlog becomes unmanagably big and this causes delays and other problems. Architecture Madness - When architecture and software design slowly gets worse over time. Team Backlog - When there are improvements that your team wants to implement, but they just never have time. Burnout by 1000 Baby Steps - When agile tools are used to micro-manage people and teams. Collaboration Friction - When working together with other teams and departments does not work anymore. Tailoring Agile - When companies want to change Scrum or Kanban or SAFe before even trying it. Because they Said So - When your company blindly copies practices of other companies.

Published: February 8, 2018

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