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Improving Your Quality and Testing Skills with Gamification at OOP 2022

February 1, 2022 - February 3, 2022

OOP conference

I’m doing a session at OOP 2022 to explore how gamification can be used to improve quality and testing skills. Join me online on February 2, 2022.

Improving Your Quality and Testing Skills with Gamification

So many challenges, so little time. As testers or quality engineers, we need to sharpen the saw, but how? Gamification can be a way to look at how you’re doing and find out where to improve. It’s a great way to have everyone engaged and get the best out of people.

In this presentation, Ben Linders will show how playing games (onsite or online) with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards and Agile Quality Coaching Cards help to explore your current quality and testing practice and decide as a team on what to improve or experiment with.

Target Audience: Testers, Agile Teams, Tech Leads, Technical Coaches, Scrum Masters
Prerequisites: None
Level: Advanced

Extended Abstract

The Agile Testing Coaching Cards and Agile Quality Coaching Cards are a deck of cards with statements that help people to share and reflect. Examples of cards are “Testers help developers design acceptance criteria for user stories”, “Failing tests get proper attention even when no defect in the product has been detected”, and “Refactoring is done to keep code maintainable and reduce technical debt”.

Playing games with these coaching cards (onsite or online), you can learn from each other. Teams can use the coaching cards to discuss quality and testing values, principles, and practices, and share their experiences and learnings.

Different game formats can be used to share experiences on testing and quality principles and practices and explore how they can be applied effectively. The playing formats from the Agile Self-assessment Game (benlinders.com/game) can be used to play with these cards. This presentation provides an overview of playing formats and will inspire you to come up with your own formats.

Facilitation is key when playing with these coaching cards. Ben Linders will present how to prepare a game session and facilitate it, what can be done to keep people engaged, and how debriefing can help to pull out learnings and ideas for improvement.


– Show how to use gamification to self-assess your current way of working.

– Present examples of playing games with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards and Agile Quality Coaching Cards.

– Explore how facilitating games can help to enhance quality and testing in agile teams.


IT professionals who are responsible for software architecture, IT projects, and sophisticated programming and development rely on the OOP conference – one of the most well-known and largest software conferences in the German-speaking world – when it comes to their professional development.

This makes OOP conference a fixed date in the calendar for the software community, even digitally. The latest trends from the field of software technology as well as practice-oriented presentations by experienced and recognized speakers who will share their knowledge, enthusiasm and also their concerns with you.


February 1, 2022
February 3, 2022
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